It’s All About the Wiggle Room

When Shopping for the Best Rental, Give Yourself Some Wiggle Room

America is becoming a Nation of Renters. Home Ownership is no longer a part of the American Dream (at least for now).

Notice to Property Managers and Rental Property Owners: There are two statistics in this article that I believe will greatly affect our industry.

  1. 54% of Americans believe that renting has become more appealing than homeownership.
  2. 61% have delayed home ownership and plan to stay longer in their rental.

What this means to Renters and Tenants:

It is now more difficult to find your perfect rental home. You are competing with every other renter looking for the perfect home, and landlords are less likely to negotiate terms and offer concessions. Niccole Shreck offers some useful insight into finding the right home in today’s rental market.

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