ACH Form

Enter your bank information below to receive Owner Draws via direct deposit (ACH).

I hereby authorize Real Property Management Select (RPM) to initiate entries to this checking/savings accounts at The Financial Institution listed above, and, if necessary, initiate adjustments for any transactions credited/debited in error. This authority will remain in effect until RPM is notified by me in writing to cancel it in such time as to afford RPM, its ACH Processors and The Financial Institution a reasonable opportunity to act on it. A copy of voided check must be accompanied with this document for ACH authorization. Any revocation of RPM’s authority to initiate credits to My Bank Account will not affect it's right to initiate debits to My Bank Account to correct or adjust a credit processed before my revocation of authority has become effective. I also hereby warrant to RPM that I have full legal authority to solely authorize ACH credit and debit transactions to the account listed above. I agree that I will notify RPM at least 15 days in advance of a revocation of an authorization, or the changing of bank accounts, or any other action that could result in an NSF or ACH return from my bank. I agree to pay, and further shall be liable for any Return Fees associated with revocation of authorization if my notice is insufficient to allow RPM, its ACH processors and the financial institution to act upon such revocation.