Unraveling the Rental Landscape: The Sacramento Slowdown

Unraveling the Rental Landscape: The Sacramento Slowdown

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We’re back with the latest insights into Sacramento’s rental market, shedding light on recent developments that might impact both landlords and tenants. In Collier International’s Quarter One report, some intriguing findings emerged, painting a dynamic picture of California’s evolving real estate landscape.

Key Points:

  1. Population Shift: The population of California has witnessed a decrease of approximately 500,000 since 2020. A surge in remote work opportunities has empowered individuals to retain their jobs while opting for more affordable living spaces outside the state.
  2. Bay Area Exodus: The Bay Area itself has experienced a decline of 65,000 people, with many individuals relocating to other Northern California regions, notably Sacramento. The appeal of maintaining remote work positions and enjoying a more cost-effective lifestyle has led to a surge in demand for rental properties.
  3. Market Dynamics: The initial boom in rental rates, soaring by 10 to 15%, resulted in properties swiftly leaving the market. However, Collier’s recent report indicates a 2% decrease in rental rates, mirroring the current negotiations and rate adjustments observed in real-time by property managers.
  4. Market Slowdown: The rapid market acceleration witnessed in the early days of the pandemic has seen a reversal. Negotiations, lowered rates, and move-in specials have become commonplace, indicating a more tempered market.

Implications for Landlords and Tenants:

  1. Concessions: Both landlords and tenants are likely to encounter concessions. Factors such as increased mortgage rates contribute to a more complex housing market, potentially influencing the demand for rental properties.


  1. Future Outlook: Analysts are optimistic that the current challenges in the housing market might create opportunities in the rental sector. As buying a home in California becomes more challenging, there is a potential rise in demand for rental properties.

Curious to delve deeper into these market dynamics? Watch our full video below for a comprehensive understanding of the changing rental landscape in Sacramento.

Watch the Full Video Here

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