Tablets in Real Estate

Discover the pros and cons of tablets in the real estate industry…

A few years ago, the iPad came came onto the scene. All conversations regarding tablets began and ended with the iPad. Apple’s first debut of the device in 2010 quickly became the most popular solution due to a combination of interfaces, apps, and fascinating features.

This year, Apple is headlining the way for tablets but the race is getting closer with new contenders. Tablets powered by Google’s Android OS are gaining shares and fans alike, while Microsoft is launching out new devices as well.

With options expanding for the tablets, how do you know which is best for you? From various surveys, both the iPad and Nexus will work for most real estate and property management companies. Both have an expansive set of apps to choose from, and the number keeps growing into the hundreds of thousands each year. Each app has a main function to help with your day-to-day work. The Surface from Microsoft does have some beneficial qualities, such as a detailed display and the ability to use Microsoft Word and Power Point. However, the down side is that it is relatively new, in the early stages of development, and only has about ten thousand apps available. It also boasts a huge storage capacity, but most of that is taken up by the operating system.

For people who look at price first when buying, you should consider the Nexus. This device has a 7 inch screen, can be bought in the low hundreds, and has access to over seven hundred thousand apps. In comparison, the iPad mini is a couple hundred over the asking price of the Nexus, but features an 8 inch screen, and eight hundred thousand apps.

The ideal use of a tablet is to replace other productivity tools (such as a computer, phone, and camera). Granted, the tablet has only been around for three years, and the have come a long way in storage space, size, data capacity, etc. But they aren’t quite versatile or powerful enough to replace your computer. If you have Wi-Fi access for your tablet, you can use it to prepare presentations for potential owners, look up information on your property server, and find/share information with other employees. It is great for notes, and content entry at best.

However, don’t just look at the negatives. By spending a little extra money here and there you can add some tools to enhance your tablets use. You can buy keyboards with Bluetooth connections to make it easier to type. A case will allow you to easily carry a tablet, prop it up, and keep it gaziantep escort bayan covered. A stylus can enable you to write on the screen to enter notes faster. Last but not least, are the apps that come with the tablet. There are apps that calculate costs, create move in/move out reports, provide rental estimates, easy access to online storage, schedule appointments, and scan/sign documents.

While smaller devices are easier to carry than something the size of a book or chair, larger ones make it easier to read and watch videos. The best way to find the right tablet for you is to head to your local electronics store and try them out for size.

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