Managing Property Insurance Costs in Today’s Economy.

Managing Property Insurance Costs in Today’s Economy: Tips for Real Estate Investors

As insurance premiums rise, property owners must understand how economic conditions and natural disasters impact the insurance market. These insights offer practical guidance for real estate investors in a dynamic, unpredictable market.

Why Did My Premiums Go Up in 2023?

Several factors contributed:

  1. Extreme weather events: Areas prone to frequent extreme weather events and natural disasters face challenges for insurance carriers, resulting in higher premium rates and deductibles.
  2. Labor and material shortages: Construction costs have surged due to persistent shortages of skilled labor and supply chain disruptions, resulting in higher project costs and property repair expenses.
  3. Diminishing buying power: Escalating inflation has reduced consumers’ buying power and impacted construction costs, prompting insurers to allocate more funds to cover property damage, leading to an increase in premium rates.

What Can I Do to Keep My Insurance Costs Stable?

Here are some strategies:

  1. Shop annually and get creative with coverage: In a hard market, shopping for insurance annually allows you to explore benefits, policy structure, and included coverages. Consider creative coverage options to offset increased costs.
  2. Stay on top of property maintenance: Well-maintained properties are less likely to experience costly damages, benefiting both insurance premiums and property longevity.
  3. Require tenants to carry renters insurance: Including a clause in the lease requiring tenants to maintain renters insurance can help minimize property losses and stabilize insurance rates.
  4. Use an independent broker: Working with an independent insurance broker specializing in residential investment properties helps find comprehensive coverage at competitive prices.


Real estate investors should be proactive in managing insurance costs. Maintain open communication with your insurance agent, mitigate potential losses, and understand policy details to ensure stable insurance rates.

By implementing these strategies, investors can effectively manage the challenges of rising insurance costs in today’s economy.

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