Fun in Northern California

Are you looking for fun, but want to avoid the crowds of people? Find out which NorCal destination is for you!

When you first think of California, your mind immediately goes South to Los Angeles, right? SoCal has the glamorous Hollywood, the Dodgers, Disney Land, and a giant pacific playground located on the coast. Who wouldn’t want to go there?! But I’ll let you in on a little secret: Northern California is just as good, and comes with fewer crowds, so you won’t have to fight people to get a hot dog from a street vendor.

Napa Valley is mostly known for its beautiful vineyards and wineries, but there are a few hidden gems that make this rustic county a place to visit. If you are a food fanatic who loves to watch the cooking channel, this is right up your alley. Napa Valley is full of culinary experiences that range from unique, to good ol’ mama’s cooking. Napa offers various hands-on cooking classes, local farmers’ markets, and local food festivals. If food isn’t your thing, Napa also is home to art, music, and architecture exhibits. If that isn’t enough, they have museums, art galleries, open studios, and art festivals for visitors to experience. If you’re only traveling to see the beauty of the world, have no fear. Napa has plenty of sightseeing and tours of the Valley! Everything is offered from biking, hot air balloon rides, limos, jets, segways, and good old fashion walking. Whatever the choice, you will get the most amazing view of rolling hills, and vineyards covered in blue skies.

Are you looking for something a little bit more fun? In Solano County, Six Flags’ Discovery Kingdom rules the land! You can experience some of the fastest roller coasters in California, such as the Boomerang and Cobra. Don’t like roller coasters, but prefer fluffy animals? Discovery Kingdom has all that and more. You can swim with dolphins, touch giant elephants, pose for photos with exotic birds, feed a sea lion, or watch a tiger swim under water! This is a great place to bring the family and friends! After a long day of playing, you can head to the Jelly Belly Factory. There you get to see how the delicious jelly bellies are made, get to take a picture with Mr. Jelly Belly, and get a sweet surprise at the end of the tour. Now who wouldn’t like that?

Maybe you’re more into history and cultural aspects of a vacation destination. If so, you need look no further than San Francisco! This metropolis takes pride in its diversity and background. You have the famed Golden Gate Bridge. It was built in 1933, painted a vermillion orange for easier visibility, and use to be the longest suspension bridge in the Americas. Here you can visit the center, walk the bridge, or take the infamous picture. If you’re afraid of heights, then you should visit the historic Alcatraz Island. Enjoy a guided tour of the famed prison where that housed some of the most infamous criminals in history, such as Al Capone, and Machine Gun Kelly! What makes this place unique is the featured actors dressed up in clothing worn in the early 1900’s, and they go around playing guards or islanders from that era. This is the top attraction for anyone visiting San Francisco.

If you know where to look, NorCal has all the places SoCal does. It’s cheaper, less crowded, and full of people who know how to have a good time. It has special get-aways for you and a loved one, or for the whole family during summer break. Whatever your passion, there’s a destination for you in Northern California!

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