It’s a Dry Heat: 10 Creative Ways to Save Water

With the continuing drought, it is time to start conserving water. Here are 10 Creative Steps to save our beloved H2O

Though most of the tips in the links below will need to be done at your place of residence, there are a few here that a landlord can do to promote water conservation, even with a tenant occupied property. I will start with five steps a landlord can take to make their home more water efficient, and follow that up with five more ways both landlords and tenants can reduce water consumption by changing a few daily habits.

5 items you could install to reduce water consumption:

  1. Install water-efficient appliances. A high efficiency toilet can save 20-25 gallons of water per day while a high-efficiency washing machine can save up to 20 gallons of water per load. As a landlord you may want to look into high efficiency items when it is time for a replacement in your income properties.
  2. Install low flow showerheads and faucet aerators. This can reduce water consumption by 10-15 gallons per day.
  3. Fix any water leaks as soon as they are noticed. Not only will this reduce the chance of water damage and mold growth, but it will also conserve the water that would be wasted. Even a small leak has the potential to waste gallons of water each day.
  4. Install water efficient landscaping. Use “water-wise” plants. Reduce the size of the lawn with water-free items like bark, rocks, cement, or stone.
  5. Install drip irrigation systems for your plants and shrubs. Drip systems could reduce water usage by 20 gallons of water per day.

5 daily habits to reduce water consumption:

  1. Take quicker showers. By reducing your shower time by just 5 minutes you can save 15 gallons of water.
  2. Turn off the faucet while cleaning dishes, brushing teeth, and shaving. Only have the water running while you are using it.
  3. Only wash full loads of dishes or laundry. Only washing half a load at a time could be wasting 20 gallons of water per load.
  4. Water your lawn early in the morning and only when needed. By monitoring the time and amount of water used on the lawns you can save 20-40 gallons of water and still keep your lawn green and healthy.
  5. Use a broom to clean your sidewalks and drive way. Avoid gaziantep escort using the hose to clean off these areas whenever possible.

So there are just a few easy tips to conserve water. There are many more ways to conserve water. Below are a few links discussing water conservation where I found the tips I listed above and other ideas.
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