Exciting happenings and updates in the heart of Fairfield

🌆 Downtown Highlights: Celebrating Fairfield’s Vibrant Heart 🌟

Looking for the pulse of downtown Fairfield? The August edition of “Downtown Highlights” is your source for the latest news, events, and developments that bring our community to life. At Real Property Management Select, we’re committed to supporting the vibrancy and growth of our beloved neighborhood.

🍅 Tomato & Vine Festival 🍷

Save the date for the 31st Annual Tomato & Vine Festival on August 19th and 20th! Join us for a weekend filled with tomato-themed fun, including contests, tastings, delectable food, local wine, and live entertainment. Plus, don’t miss the classic car show!

🏗️ Downtown Development 🏢

Discover the exciting projects shaping our city’s heart. Guadalajara Fruit Bar’s storefront improvements and Sportys! courtyard projects are among the ventures enhancing our downtown area.

🏛️ Heart to Heart Listening Tour 💬

The Heart to Heart Listening Tour continues with Councilmember K. Patrice Williams in District 1. Join us at the Cordelia Library on August 17th to interact with elected officials, learn about City projects, and share your input.

🍎 Fairfield Farmers Market 🌽

Experience the Fairfield Farmers Market every Thursday through September 28th at County Greens. Savor fresh produce, tasty treats, and live music at the corner of Texas & Jefferson. Presented in partnership with Pacific Coast Farmers Market Association.

🚀 Solano & Napa Success Business Accelerator Programs 💼

Calling all Solano and Napa County business owners! Apply for the Solano Success Business Accelerator program and the new Napa Success Business Accelerator. Enhance your business through intensive training, advising, and grant opportunities.

Join us in shaping the future of Downtown Fairfield – a place where vibrancy, growth, and community converge. Your participation matters! Together, we’re crafting a dynamic and thriving downtown that fills us all with pride.

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