Why Property Management – Part 1

A few ways a Property Management company can simplify owning rentals.

If you own, or are considering owning, a rental property in Sacramento to contribute to your monthly cash flow you probably already know there are A LOT of responsibilities to take into consideration. You have to market and list your property competitively in the marketplace, accept or deny any applications that come through, create a lease agreement, perform necessary inspections, handle maintenance coordination, collect monthly rent, and even handle lease terminations or evictions. The list goes on and on and it sometimes seems like the work managing your properties never ends. Well we have some great news for you! You can own rental properties without losing time or adding large amounts of stress into your day to day life by utilizing a property management company such as Real Property Management Select Sacramento. In the following article we will dive deeper into why property management can lift a weight off of your shoulders and make your investments as profitable as possible.

Marketing Your Rental Property

If you jump on the internet and search for available homes for rent in the Sacramento area you will see hundreds of available rentals. An experienced property management company is going to have all of the expertise and knowledge to make your property stand out in the market. They will have the necessary equipment and skill set to take high quality images that accurately represent your home, and even create 3D walkthroughs to capture the interest of more applicants. Your property manager should also be highly familiar with the region and the current rental market allowing them to advertise your property at a competitive rate with well written ads. Property managers will post your rental on all the right sites and host frequent open houses reducing the overall length of time your property remains vacant. Here at Real Property Management Select we’ve gotten ahead of the game and are able to safely show your homes using self guided tours for our applicants. This has increased the frequency our properties are viewed as well as allowed us to continue to fill vacancies during uncertain times such as the shelter in place orders associated with COVID-19.

Approving An Applicant

One fear a lot of property owners share is the idea of having to fill a vacancy. Oftentimes we even hear of owners who would rather keep a tenant who has violated terms of their lease rather than face the daunting task of finding a new tenant. By utilizing a property management company you can avoid all stress and anxiety that comes along with tenant placement. An experienced property management company sees hundreds, if not thousands, of applications and has the process streamlined to filter through applicants quickly and efficiently. They are able to pick out any red flags that may come along with an unreliable tenant. Property Managers are also familiar with the legalities of tenant placement such as regulations pertaining to Section 8 housing and service animals, allowing you to avoid any unintentional violations of Fair Housing Laws. A good property management company will also perform their own move in inspection upon approving an applicant, as well have the tenant complete their own move in inspection immediately after taking possession of the property. This protects the condition of your property and prevents any areas of disagreement that could exist when deducting from a security deposit.

Tenant Contact Point

Once a tenant has been placed in the property the work of the property manager should not be over. An experienced property management company will field any and all tenant communication and resolve all issues on your behalf. After hiring a property manager you yourself should never have to worry about fixing your tenant’s problems and concerns. That’s what you hire US for! The property manager will have an organized system for all tenants to be able to efficiently communicate any maintenance needs and problems they may be having at the property. Emergency maintenance will be handled immediately by your property manager to protect the condition of your property, and periodic inspections will keep you in the loop with preventive maintenance you may want to take action on. Any complaints such as noise ordinances, HOA violations, pest problems, etc. will all be communicated and handled by your property manager. Here at Real Property Management Select we are determined to keep an open line of communication with our property owners as well as tenants and do our best to return all calls or emails within one business day.


This is simply an initial glimpse into three ways hiring a property manager can help you fill your vacancy quickly and handle all tenant communication! Stay connected with our website and check out our other blogs to continue to learn if hiring a Sacramento property manager may be right for you, or contact us at (916) 238-1420 or sacramento@norcalpm.com, or for a Free Rental Analysis click here.

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