Bill Won’t Require Small Landlords to Accept Pets in Sacramento

Bill Won’t Require Small Landlords to Accept Pets in Sacramento

A recent legislative effort aimed at eliminating no-pet policies in rental housing will be amended to exempt smaller buildings, following advocacy by the California Apartment Association.

Assembly Bill 2216: Key Provisions and Amendments

Assemblyman Matt Haney’s Assembly Bill 2216 (AB 2216) initially proposed prohibiting landlords from rejecting tenants based on pet ownership. However, following discussions, the bill will now include a carve-out for buildings with 15 or fewer units, ensuring that owners of these smaller buildings won’t be mandated to accept pets.

Summary of Amendments:

  1. Exemption for Small Buildings: Properties with 15 or fewer units will not be required to accept pets.
  2. Pet Acceptance in Larger Buildings: Owners of larger buildings will be required to allow tenants to have at least one common household pet.
  3. Pet-Related Charges:

   -Liability Insurance: Property owners can require pet owners to carry liability insurance and include the landlord as an additional insured.

   – Pet Rent: No pet rent for the first pet; $50 per month for each additional pet.

   – Pet Deposit: A pet security deposit up to 50% of one month’s rent, capped at $1,000.

  1. Restricted Species: The bill focuses on “common household pets,” excluding unusual or exotic animals.
  2. Landlord Rules: Landlords can set specific standards and rules for pets, including leash requirements, cleanup policies, licensing, vaccinations, and spaying/neutering requirements.
  3. Implementation Date: The operative date is delayed to April 1, 2025.
  4. Use of Pet Deposits: Landlords can use pet deposits specifically for professional carpet cleaning.
  5. Impact on Existing Leases: The bill will not affect leases or renewals entered into before January 1, 2025.

Legislative Progress

This morning, AB 2216 won passage on the Assembly floor with a 43-8 vote. The state Senate will soon integrate the amendments.

Detailed Amendments Overview

Detailed Amendments Overview Table

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